Carlos Serret Dental Laboratory
Price List for Carlos Serret Dental Laboratory
DENTURE COMPLETE CASES (Heat Cured Lucitone 199)
Item No.         Full Upper or Full Lower Dentures                   Price Each:
DENTRYN     Denture setup for try-in                                               $45.00*
IMPTRYN       Denture setup on implant bar for try-in                      $55.00*
DENTRST     Denture reset for try-in                                                $10.00*
IMPLFIN         Denture implant finish from setup                            $100.00
DENTFIN       Denture finish from setup                                           $80.00
DENTFUL      Denture setup and finish only                                   $125.00*
MOLLOPL      Molloplast denture soft liner                                     $125.00
IDDENT          I.D. in denture (per arch)                                           $10.00
MODEL           Model (pour or trim)                                                    $5.00
RMNTCST      Remount cast                                                             $5.00
RMNTJIG        Remount jig                                                                $5.00
Item No.        Services                                                                Price Each:
BASEPLT       Acrylic baseplates with wax rim                                $30.00
CUSTRAY      Custom impression tray                                            $30.00
DENTREB      Rebase (denture)                                                      $80.00
PARTREB       Rebase (partial denture)                                          $80.00
DENTREL       Reline (denture)                                                        $80.00
PARTREL        Reline (partial denture)                                            $80.00
MOLLREL       Reline (molloplast)                                                  $125.00
SOFTGRD       Softguard                                                                 $60.00
SPRTGRD      Sportsguard                                                              $60.00
NGACRYL       Nightguard - clear acrylic (rigid)                               $70.00
NGTHERM      Nightguard - Thermoplastic (rigid)                           $80.00
HAWRTNR      Hawley Retainer                                                       $80.00
STESURG       Surgical stent                                                            $60.00
STEGUTA        Stent with access channel and Gutta Percha          $80.00
BLCHTRY        Bleaching tray                                                          $40.00
Item No.        Partial Dentures                                               Price Each:
PARTRYN     Partial denture setup for try-in                                  $45.00*
PARTFIN       Partial denture finish from setup                              $80.00
IDPART          I.D. in partial denture (per arch)                              $10.00
STAYPLT       Stayplate setup and finish                                       $80.00*
BALCLSP      Ball clasp                                                                    $5.00
CAST PARTIAL:  Vitallium and Gold
Item No.           Services                                                             Price Each:
VITAFRM          Vitallium partial denture frame                                 $120.00
GOLDFRM       Gold partial denture frame                                        $120.00 (gold extra charge)
WIRCLSP        Contoured wire clasp on frame                                   $10.00
Item No.    Repairs                                                        Price Each:
DENTREP  Denture repairs                                                  $45.00*
PARTREP  Partial denture repairs                                       $45.00*
Item No.         Teeth                                                               Price Each:
PREMANT      Premium anterior teeth                                          $60.00
PREMPOS     Premium posterior teeth                                         $30.00
STANANT       Standard anterior teeth                                          $10.00
STANPOS      Standard posterior teeth                                         $10.00

* = Teeth Extra Charge